A modern company network.

With Headminer you are part of a large interactive network where companies connect, based on their industry.



What can you do on Headminer?

Build and empower your company network

A community of companies and organisations to follow and connect with.

A hyper-structured web presence

Tell more about your company. Showcase products and services, get indexed like it should be.

Launch your request into the market

Increase chances of getting serviced by launching your request with more accuracy.

Discover products & services

Stay updated about new products or services from relevant companies in your network. Offer profiles with ease.

Not just another ordinary web page

Join a modern business network with company pages that show services, products and even profiles. Hyper structured and SEO compliant.

Hubs: join a relevant micro-community for free.

Following other companies was never that easy, from product updates to new services to offered profiles. If you are part of it, you'll increase your chance to find new potential customers.

Looking for a specific service or profile?

Launch a private or public request or "gig" and communicate efficiently with interesting suppliers through our contextual messaging system. Evaluate qualified profiles and certificates with ease. 

Companies on Headminer


Our goal at Headminer is to bring companies and organisations closer together, to improve your market insights and to make it possible to easily compare available products, services and profiles.

Bram Verstraeten

Founding Partner, Headminer

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